Our History

Paul Wilson is the fifth generation of his family to own V.Y. Scott Funeral Home in Amelia County Virginia.

V.Y. Scott Funeral Home is one of only a handful of African-American Funeral Homes in the state of Virginia that has been owned and operated by the same family for generations.

The business began in 1867, by Wilson’s great-great -grandfather, Pompey Scott. After World War I, the funeral home started operating under the name “V.Y. Scott funeral home” when Wilson’s grandfather V.Y. Scott, took over the establishment from his father Anderson Scott.

V.Y. Scott became the first licensed embalmer of the family. Later, Scott’s daughter Mabel Wilson, became a Funeral Director and her husband, Joseph B. Wilson became a mortician. Mabel’s twin sons, Paul and Fred Wilson both became the fifth generation in the 1970’s after Paul graduated from Virginia Union University and Fred coming home from the Air Force.

Daughter Shannon Howell, is currently sixth generation, graduated from John Tyler in 2006, with a degree in mortuary science. Seventh generation coming soon, with Wilson’s oldest grandson Damion Wilson, who currently is in school to continue the family business.